Give Grandly 2023

Hi All!
We are participating in our local Community Foundation’s annual fundraiser called Give Grandly. We’re excited! We’ll have a table at the live event at the Maker’s Market off Bullard Street in Downtown Silver City. Stop by if you’re local! Saturday May 6th from 9am to 2pm.

And Visit our Give Grandly Page to make a donation, if you can. The first $500 unlocks a matching grant!

Our mission is big. We are aiming for the most efficiently built, affordable adobe home possible. The motivation comes from a deep well of understanding the suffering of environmental refugees. We’ve been there. We won’t stop working until this vision becomes a reality.

Step One: Open a Compressed Earth Block Factory in Grant County, NM

Step Two: Build out our education campus and create a vocational program.

Step Three: Our Graduates build out many Affordable Housing neighborhoods on a Community Land Trust.

Kelly Hart just posted on his Natural Building Blog about us! (We didn’t build the house in the photo, fyi.)

Thanks so much for being a part of our team!


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