About Project

Never be afraid to try something new. Remember that amateurs built the Ark and professionals built the Titanic.

To sum this up, we are envisioning a small pilot village full of beautiful environmentally safe, fire-proof, affordable, sustainably-built houses in a community setting that can be inhabited by sensitive people who have experienced environmental illness, as well as by “healthy normals” who know they would benefit from living our lifestyle. No, it has never been done.

This “pilot project” will become the teaching facility to train a cohort of visionary builders in the skills needed for building next-era infrastructure. Skills like adobe construction, water catchment, regenerative agriculture and food production, but also systems optimization and financial literacy.

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I know. It’s a crazy idea. There are lots of reasons “it will never work.” Like:

  • Sensitive people contaminate each other and make each other sicker.
  • People who have EI (environmental illness) are too traumatized to work in community.
  • People with EI can’t live with “normies.”
  • People with EI need to isolate.
  • People with EI have differing sensitivities.
  • Intentional communities are always full of dirty houses.
  • Round houses are weird.

Yes. We are aware.

But also, we have been having awesome parties at my specially designed house. EI/sensitive people get together at my house. I am STILL practicing Erik-Johnson-style mold and chemical avoidance. Every single thing in my life and in my house is designed for it. It’s working. We have community. We sing together and dance together. Healing is so much more than just restoring function to the physical body. And yes, things go wrong. So what. There is a way. It’s hopeful!

Will it work for you? Maybe not. I’m not going to try to convince you.

There is a certain way of orienting perception and meaning-making around this healing. I can see it in the eyes of others who have done this. It’s a way of not taking it personally and not being governed by fear (when you have every right to be.) When you “switch your allegiance” from mind to being, you can be guided to solutions that are better than your mind could find. You allow life itself to come through you and you trust it.

(This website is what is coming through me.)

This is what this vision is NOT:

  • Unfortunately, it’s not a place for sick people who are just at the beginning of learning how this works. (It is a potential solution for post-detox veteran EI survivors who have already done extensive time in the wilderness somewhere…There are quite a few.)
  • It’s not for people who can’t physically work, at least sometimes.
  • It’s not a medical treatment retreat center.
  • It’s not for healthy allies who are attached to contaminated objects.
  • It’s not for everybody, full stop.

This is an experiment that is worth investing in because:

  • EI patients literally have nowhere to go and so there is nothing to lose. ISEAI doctors talk about their patients being way sicker now than patients were 20 years ago and there are far more of them now.
  • We will be documenting every step of this journey in order to inspire replication that could be available (at other locations) as medical treatment centers. (Yes, detox does involve isolation.) I know there is hope for that. Right now we need to simply prove that it can work in an affordable-housing/clean-living scenario and optimizing chances for success means starting with the most experienced people.
  • True examples of redemption and healing are really important so that people don’t lose hope.
  • The principles we already live by and will be willing to document can help LOTS of people who are dealing with illnesses other than clear EI. (Like dementia, autoimmune issues, EDS, ME/CFS, lyme and co-infections, longcovid…)
  • The future will be more polluted than it is now, clearly. If not now, when?

Next Steps

1. Assemble Board of Directors
2. Obtain 501 c 3 Status
3. Recruit Advisory Council
4. Develop Committees (Curriculum, Fundraising, Executive, Development, etc)
5. Raise funds for trainings we need.
6. Develop Content
7. Find Investors
8. Buy Land
9. Start Building!!