Super Adobe Development

We build and train people to build Super Adobe structures designed by Iranian-American architect, Nader Khalili, as safe, affordable, elegant, clean, fire-proof homes.
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Regenerative Farming

We focus on food sovereignty using biodynamic farming and regenerative agriculture practices in our high desert setting, growing enough food to share and teaching others how to do the same. Learn More.

Biome Management

The foundational basis of the design process of all of our systems, from structures to farming, is understanding and respecting the changes that are developing in the microbial world. Learn More.

Social Healing

Our focus is creating compassion-based, counter-oppressive, healing-centered, transformational and visionary practice communities that cultivate individuals who thrive. Learn More.

Consciousness and Growth

We foster conscious community through healing trauma, dancing, movement, singing, meditation, drumming, music and silence for individual healing and community expression. Learn More.


We create spaces and opportunities for collaborative entrepreneurship, from growing crops for market to making products, trading skills and sharing resources. Learn More.