Community Land Trust

Community Land Trusts are the basis for how communities can preserve land –and make the homes that are built on it affordable– for generations to come. Here’s a wonderful role model organization in Oregon called Square One Villages.

Here are some resources for how to understand Community Land Trusts

The Quick Overview 2:47 minutes
The History and More Detail 8:39 minutes
The Deep Dive 1 hour

Here is a podcast that explains some of the problems of the CLT model and can orient you for pushback you might experience when you approach community partners about developing this model in your community.

The above is a chapter from the book ON COMMON GROUND“a collection of original essays, written by 42 scholars and practitioners from a dozen countries, tracing the growth and diversification of the international community land trust movement. A community land trust (CLT) is a transformative strategy of community-led development on community-owned land that has taken root in the Global North and is now spreading to the Global South. CLTs produce and preserve affordably priced homes, community gardens, retail spaces, and a variety of neighborhood facilities – all developed under the guidance of the people who live nearby; all managed to remain permanently affordable for people of modest means.” Buy the book here.

Here is the variation of the CLT model (Referenced in the above chapter) that achieves more self-funding and creates more diversified businesses and communal assets than the traditional model.

Here is a wonderful guide that describes how the CLT benefits both a city and its residents.

Fannie Mae is the US government’s mortgage partner for lending that leads to affordable home ownership. Here is how Fannie Mae handles Community Land Trusts.

Here’s what Fannie Mae is doing to support and catalyze innovation that leads more equity and sustainability in home ownership in America.

Here is a long-established Ecovillage located in Missouri describing the 501c3/501c2 hybrid model they employed in creating the Community Land Trust they live on.

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A Cautionary Tale– How NOT to do it.