By sharing ideas and resources in co-working spaces, we become more than the sum of our parts. We become an actual business incubator for sustainable and regenerative entrepreneurship.

In addition to collaborating on developing businesses for the infrastructure for survival, (buildings, water systems, growing, harvesting and preparing food,) there will be opportunities for each student/resident to engage in developing their unique contribution.

There will be an industrial kitchen in the common building that can be used as a maker’s space for food products for sale, soap and candle making, non-toxic body products or for cooking videos or other digital content creation.

There will also be a more industrial maker’s space with tools for the fabrication of things like cargo trailer retrofitting, plumbing, electrical, welding and tiling.

Propagation and sale of native plants, a food-forest nursery and succulents would be a dream come true.

My personal “cottage industry” would be a whole “biome village” to host a few high-functioning participants in the Bredesen Protocol for Reversal of Cognitive Decline for 3 month immersion retreats. (I am a certified Bredesen Protocol Health Coach.) Here, they would learn how to maintain a “ketoflex” lifestyle, (eating nutrient dense food in a ketogenic diet,) do physical exercise on the farm, practice intermittent fasting and mold and chemical (“dementogen”) avoidance, and join us for meditation and “flow state” exercises.

Marama is a residential Bredesen Protocol facility in San Diego that is a great role model. (What I am envisioning would be a bit more rustic…)

Is this really going to happen? Join me on the Get Involved page to learn more.