Welcome to the Crooked Forest Podcast!

https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-bejv6-131db3b Join us for the Crooked Forest Podcast I’m your host, Holly Noonan, and we will be discussing affordable housing for sensitive people and all aspects of paradigm-changing trends in natural building and how it relates to your health, like living in neighborhoods designed specifically for the microbiome. We’ll also explore creative solutions for affordableContinue reading “Welcome to the Crooked Forest Podcast!”

Moving Forward

A month has sped by since our launch party. During this past month, in addition to continuing to meet local experts in natural building, water catchment, permaculture and architecture, we have officially welcomed Anita Budhraja and Jeff Goin onto our Advisory Council. Read more about them here. Our Articles of Incorporation have been accepted byContinue reading “Moving Forward”