I love this project

What a week. I have had some dazzling conversations about this project and how it might fit into a larger aspiration to manifest an sustainable-building affordable-housing neighborhood here in our fair city of Silver City? Would efforts to that end be a diversion? Decidedly not, if it results in more housing options for sensitive people.

Turns out Moab, Utah has an amazing 12 year old program called www.communityrebuilds.org/ Check it out! These are beautiful, sustainably built earthen homes that are being built on a community land trust.

I just put together a Patreon page so that people can follow along for this incredible journey. https://www.patreon.com/crookedforestinstitute

Although I genuinely loathe being “content” myself, I believe so much in this project that I don’t care. So stay tuned.

I got some guidance this week on how best to file the articles of incorporation for our 501c3 process. We’re moving that right along. Our board meets to sign the articles tomorrow so I can get them in the mail to the New Mexico Secretary of State’s office for filing.


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