Micro Village

Whatever you call it, we’re talking about an intentional neighborhood. There are lots of these around the world. Sometimes they unite people with ideology or even religion. Our unifying factor is health, something that every human needs, predicated on the health of the environment.

“Microvillage” or “Ecovillage” is the general idea. “Biome village” is our unique design.

Right now, this is just an idea, it’s not an actual location. First we need to build the school. Then graduates of the school will create these microvillages over and over.

It’s an idea that is nourished by the knowledge that 10,000 ecovillages exist all around the world. We do not need to reinvent the wheel.

We can take what works and focus it to work for us, for an environmentally sensitive community. When we succeed in making that functional, it can benefit many other people. People who are sensitive but who don’t know there is an environmental component to their health issues. People who want to think better, feel better and be more aligned with their value system, but have never experienced what clean living feels like (because it is genuinely just not available to most people in the modern era.)

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Deloitte’s recent research on addressing the drivers of health highlights that one way to advance health equity is by focusing on the social, economic, and environmental needs of all community members. These factors have been found to have a greater impact on health outcomes than the care provided by clinicians.

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