Biome Village

“Biome Villages” are designed, affordable-housing neighborhoods that can include people with Environmental Sensitivities. They are neighborhoods designed around supporting an optimal environmental microbiome and honoring the interconnectivity of all levels of life.

Each community will include:

  • Adobe Homes
  • Shared Infrastructure:
    • Kitchen/Dining building
    • Separate Masonry Water Building
    • Communal Garden
  • on a Community Land Trust on
  • at least 5 acres of clean land, preferably bordering protected lands.

Biome Villages can have specific focuses within the spectrum of Environmental Sensitivities. All communities avoid ticks, mold and chemicals.

  • Biome VillageLyme (with a medicinal herb garden and beehive)
  • Biome Village— EMF (with Faraday Fabric sealed into dome structures)
  • Biome Village— EDS (Accommodating those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)
  • Biome Village— Myco (for those healing from Mold injury)
  • Biome Village — MCI (An affordable residential option for the Bredesen Protocol.)

In a perfect world, each of these communities would also have:

  • Regenerative land management programs
  • Comprehensive water catchment systems
  • Green Energy production
  • electric golf carts and bicycles
  • Financing and insurance for both communal and privately owned structures.